The Jungle Garden

The Jungle Garden by Philip Oostenbrink

£25 │ ISBN: 9781999734565 │ 7th October 2021

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This book takes the houseplant look outside by exploring the wonders of lush, green, foliage plants that are hardy in the garden. Unlike flowers which fade, these big-leaved, larger-than-life plants provide year-round impact for decades and small, urban gardens that are well protected are the perfect home for them.

Expert horticulturist Philip Oostenbrink has been an enthusiastic grower for years and in this book recommends the best hardy, foliage plants for texture, leaf shape and colour. Jungle gardens can be shady and immersive, sunny and open or somewhere in between and there are plants suited to all these environments including purple-leaved bananas, desert-island palms, spiky agaves, architectural Pseudopanax and succulents such as Echeveria and Aeonium.

Beautiful special photography by Sarah Cuttle features standout jungle gardens that demonstrate how to combine foliage plants effectively and create backdrops and container displays that make the plants pop. This book is the irresistible next step for all houseplant addicts and for all who are ready to embark on their very own jungle adventure.


“The Jungle is a masterclass in the art of designing a garden that uses hardy foliage plants as its central design feature and Oostenbrink carefully walks the reader through every step necessary to do so.” Patrice Todisco, Leaflet for Massachusetts Horticultural Society

‘The Jungle Garden is a masterclass in enthusing an audience of all levels of plant knowledge, whatever growing space you are blessed with and illustrates that the rules of gardening are there to be broken, whether pushing boundaries of hardiness, aspect, soil or particularly in this context, plant combinations (deliberate or accidental!)’ Tom Hart Dyke

‘It might well be considered the most perfect style of gardening for the vast majority of today’s small-space, plant-loving gardeners.’ Paddy Tobin, Irish Garden Plant Society

‘An inspiring book that can guide us in the art of gardening without thinking exclusively about flowers.’ The Table Blog

‘Oostenbrink, former head gardener at Canterbury cathedral, demonstrates how jungly foliage can make outdoor space look spectacular all year round. This book could change the way you garden.’ Daily Mail

‘Philip, head gardener at Walmer Castle in Kent, has poured his passion for exotic foliage and flowers into this book, which is packed with useful information, including examples of jungle gardens and a comprehensive guide to suitable plants.’ Garden Answers 

‘I would recommend this book to designers, plant enthusiasts, gardeners, and even as an addition to the coffee table due to its bright colors and beautiful photography. Oostenbrink has inspired us to try out a few of these themes in our own garden. We look forward to picking up The Jungle Garden often, it will become as well-worn as our other garden tools.’ Heather Evans, Pacific Horticulture 

‘The Jungle Garden… shines a light on the exotic beauty of hardy, tropical-style foliage plants and the ways that they can be used to create a garden rich in atmosphere and year-round interest.’ Fionnuala Fallon, The Irish Times

‘This book is ideal for gardeners of all skill levels who want to further their knowledge of this style of gardening – the popularity of which is certainly gaining momentum.’ Colin Ward, RHS The Garden

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