1st prize in European Garden Book Awards 2021 goes to Nigel Dunnett

First prize in the European Garden Book Awards 2021 goes to Nigel Dunnett for his seminal book Naturalistic Planting Design/Naturalistische Garten Gestaltung. Over 120 books were submitted for evaluation by the jury and Nigel’s book reportedly “stunned the jury so much that it really deserved first prize”.

The European Garden Book Award is the premium award for European garden books, honouring exceptional literary achievements in the field of horticulture and garden culture.

Nigel said: “It feels very special to be given this award, in this international and European context.  Most of the theory and ideas around naturalistic planting design originated in Europe: Germany, Scandinavia, The Netherlands as well as the UK, and these ideas have since travelled around the world, inspiring countless numbers of people.”

The 16th European Garden Book Awards were held at the Castle of Dennenlohe in 12th March 2021 and you can watch the results here followed by a statement from the author. Congratulations Nigel, we’re so proud of your achievement and particularly delighted as this is Filbert’s first international book award!


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