Gained 2 Christmas trees, lost a spade

I’ve always wanted to cut down my own Christmas tree, straight from the forest, somewhere picturesque like this  farm in Massachusetts so when we inherited two Christmas trees on our allotment I knew I was getting close.


They looked innocent enough and we wanted to dig them up rather than cut them down so we set to work using the spade top right.














The small tree was still in its bucket but the roots had broken through and heading south at ferocious speed.


Some digging out, lots of spade leverage and some judicious root pruning and it shows no sign of budging.


One last heave and the tree is out.


And the spade is kaput.


It makes a good giant dibber though.


Two trees and half a tonne of soil in the back of the car.


Finally replanted and decorated indoors. Homebase next year.

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