The Scything Handbook


The Scything Handbook, Ian Miller

£14.99 | ISBN: 978-0-9933892-4-5 | September 2016

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The scythe is an elegant, efficient hand tool which is ideal for mowing long grass and harvesting many types of crop. There is  a graceful, rhythmic quality to scything which, once mastered, makes it rewarding to use. Ian Miller teaches you how to scythe from scratch including assembly, perfecting the stroke, honing, peening, uses and aftercare.

Ian Miller followed a career in music with a degree in agroecology and learned how to scythe on a biodynamic farm in Austria.  He lives in Iowa where he is building a small homestead and also finds time for stone masonry, teaching workshops, writing and translating books and making music.

Read the reviews:

“My book of the year? The Scything Handbook published by @Filbertpress. Expert, readable, beautifully produced indispensable” John Lewis-Stempel on Twitter

“Years of passion have gone into this elegant, little book.” Rory Dusoir, Gardens Illustrated

“A delightful guide to mowing meadows and grain crops by hand. The author describes the mechanics of scything, as well as how to sharpen and even forge blades. He gives basic instructions on the Alexander Technique (a useful practice of body alignment) and meditation. Scything, he explains, isn’t just good for the environment, it benefits the mind and body.” Jane Powers, The Sunday Times

“The Scything Handbook by Ian Miller… will provide bedtime reading on how to improve your technique.” Caroline Donald, The Sunday Times

“The Scything Handbook by Ian Miller, newly released contains all of the information your need to buy, maintain and use a scythe for any grassy area, from a meadow to a lawn. Lia Leendertz, The Daily Telegraph

Ian Miller’s new publication, The Scything Handbook, is one of those books that manages to be both practical and enchanting. Hari Alexander, Deco Online magazine