How to make a wildflower meadow


How to make a Wildflower Meadow, James Hewetson-Brown

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£17.99 | ISBN: 9781739903916 | 19th May 2022

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Flowering meadows are appealing to gardeners and valuable for wildlife. Follow this pragmatic and eco-friendly advice and using seed, roll-out turf, plug plants and bulbs you can have a meadow flowering in your garden the same year you plant it. Over 30 case studies show meadows established in gardens.

James Hewetson-Brown was an arable farmer before he diversified into wild flower turf products in 2003. These have been used at London’s 2012 Olympic Park, RHS Chelsea Flower Show gardens, and now at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew under Wolfgang Buttress’s The Hive.

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James Hewetson-Brown knows how to make wildflower meadows – his turf was used for the London Olympics and several Chelsea Flower Show gardens. In the most comprehensive guide to creating a meadow I’ve ever seen, he discusses the pros and cons of using seed, the merits of adding annuals and how to keep the display going for as long as possible. His book leaves us with no excuses not to try creating meadows of our own. Kate Bradbury, BBC Wildlife Magazine

For those who want to create meadows on a larger scale, new British publisher Filbert has just released How to Make a Wildflower Meadow, by James Hewetson-Brown (€23.50). This is a comprehensive guide to making and maintaining all kinds of meadows, with extensive advice, and more than two dozen case studies. These include wildlife meadows, wildflower roofs, community schemes and the meadow stage-set created for Danny Boyle’s 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Jane Powers, The Sunday Times

Here is someone who really knows what he is talking about and describes it with clarity and detail. …The book is well designed and laid out, with clear type and lovely photographs. With its cutting edge techniques, it is practical as well as inspiring, an invaluable manual whatever the size of your garden or project. The Reckless Gardener online magazine and blog

This isn’t some wistful fantasy longing for a landscape from a bygone era but a no nonsense guide full of fool-proof advice and real-life illustrations for the practitioner. Hewetson-Brown is at the cutting edge of the industry. In this book he provides the reader with novel techniques fit for the 21st Century where meadows matter more than ever before. Essential reading for the modern meadow maker. Helen Bostock, RHS Wisley

Here is a book that seeks to enthuse and inform “meadow makers” large and small, weather creation or enhancement. Most importantly it addresses a major factor often neglected, that of “managing expectation”. Now there’s no excuse for anyone not to put a little Flower rich patch in their garden.

Keith Datchler, People Need Nature

James’s book is an essential guide to achieving the ultimate wildflower meadow.  As a grower of landscape trees and plants I appreciate such a practical approach. As a plantsman the attention to detail in the plant selection is impressive. Kevin Hobbs, Hillier Nurseries Ltd


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